Play Therpay / Art Therapy


I primarily use a non-directive approach to aid, support and encourage children in their work.

 As a play/art psychotherapist I am trained to help children and adolescents with issues that arise in their lives.


  • Play/ art psychotherapy allows children and adolescent’s the opportunity to express and explore difficult feelings and experiences. Conventional talk therapies may be inappropriate for children and young people who struggle to put feelings into words.
  •  Play /Art therapy are a very natural medium for children and adolescents to learn, communicate and explore what is happening in their lives
  •  Sometimes recovery or exploration of difficult life experiences can be facilitated by a play/art therapist, thus allowing the child/adolescent freedom of expression in a safe and trusting environment.
  •  Parents are included in the therapeutic process on a regular basis and will work together with the therapist. Both parties will help and work to develop activities in the child’s/adolescent’s daily life that will help support their social and emotional needs

Play therapy and Art Psychotherapy assists children and adolescents who have difficulties in:

·         Bereavement

·         Separation/loss

·         Bullying Issues

·         Attachment

·         Lack of Self Esteem

·         School Related Issues

·         Depression/Anxiety

·         Behavioral Issues

·         Anger Management

·         Conflict in the Home

·         Building resilience

·         Coping Skills

·         Relationship Issues

·         Behavior Management

·         Stress Management

Child Protection
Child protection is paramount to our work as therapists. While our services are confidential, if you give us information that children may be at risk, it is our policy to pass that information to the HSE child protection services. Our work respects the principles of the Children’s First Guidelines.