Hello my name is Tracey Masterson welcome to my website, and thank you for taking the the time to visit.

Are you struggling or feeling overwhelmed, and need someone to talk to? It’s not weak to ask for help – but the opposite it’s a really brave decision to make. You don’t have to suffer in silence


Finding the courage to get in touch is the first step, I am here to help with whatever is troubling you, and I make the following promises to you:

·         I won’t think you’re silly

·         I will listen without judgement or tell you what to do

·         Help you to be kinder … to you

·         Help you to manage any overwhelming feelings you might   have


Problems that we have don’t disappear overnight – there are no magic solutions or wands. I can help you face your fears and difficulties, and together we’ll work to make sense of them and find a way forward for you.


You deserve happiness, so please ring, text or email and I will help you take the first steps to achieving inner peace and happiness.